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Many buildings contributed architectural elements to the cafe of Iola Mills

In keeping with the historic nature of the property and environmental sensitivity, the decor of the shop includes salvaged and re-purposed architectural elements from many schools, churches, post offices, and other historic buildings.  Here is a partial list of some of the salvaged material and how it was used:

  • Saints Peter and Paul church, Hortonville, WI: pews, trim, flat oak panels, headers which were kneelers from the pews.

  • Thomas Edison Buildings, New London, WI: owned by Thomas Edison in the early 1900's, birdseye maple countertops were made from utility studs from the factory.

  • St Joseph's Grade School, Appleton, WI: mahogany railing (used on the counters), newel post, and ash wainscoting.

  • St Paul Coliseum, St Paul, MN - former home of the L.A. Lakers: picture rail that was part of the bleachers.

  • Appleton Post Office, Appleton, WI:  marble base board on the front counters, yellow pine wainscoting from the mail room in the post office (used for the bathroom foyer ceiling in the Millstone)

  • Nurses Quarters, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN:  white oak trim

  • Appleton Wireworks, Appleton, WI: the ceiling in the front room of the Millstone was flooring from the factory floor in the Wireworks.

  • Homestead on the Chaska Golf Course property, Greenville, WI:  white oak trim

  • 'Meet the Applegates', movie shot in Appleton, WI, starring Ed Begley, Jr and Stockard Channing:  2 x 6 studs used in the booth dividers of the Millstone

  • Cleaves Residence (site of the Iola Hospital), Iola, WI: stained glass window over the Gelato case.

  • Aasen's General Store, Iola, WI, the round table in the front corner of the Millstone was made from a floor register from the store

  • Synagogue in Appleton, WI: plant stand

  • Methodist Church, Iola, WI:  menu board (was for hymnal numbers, etc), lights behind the counter

  • Hoersch Home Appliance building (currently site of the Paper Valley Hotel) in downtownAppleton, WI: flooring in the Millstone office, walnut paneling behind the counter.

  • Unknown building in Green Bay, WI: tin panels on the counter; these were acquired in a trade with another salvager.

  • Collection of Treadle Sewing Machines:  used for table bases and menu caddies.

  • Pickle company in Northwest WI: the table tops were made from salvaged staves from the pickle vats.

  • Langdon's Plumbing Shop, Iola, WI: display cabinet

  • First National Bank, Iola, WI: clock from the old bank

  • Conkey's Book Store, Appleton, WI:  bike rack was in front of the store on College Avenue.

Table made from a millstone with a hammer mill base
Table made from two treadle sewing
machine bases and a floor grate from a general store in Iola's past.  
A table fashioned from a water powered table saw used by the planing mill.  
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