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Volunteers and Donors

Tom & Rick working on NW upper.jpg

The following is a partial list of volunteers and donors who have contributed their time and/or resources to the restoration of the Mill.  As with any list, I am sure to have forgotten someone.  Please let me know if I have and I will post the acknowledgment as soon as possible.


Rick Giese(a super volunteer in a class by himself....volunteered nearly every Saturday for almost four years before moving to San Francisco)....The 2010 super volunteer was Eric Danielson, volunteering every Friday (except tax season and 'new-child season')!  In 2011, our frequent volunteer has been Tom Roemer!  In 2013 it was John Bertelson.  Thanks to all of you!!!!

  • Webb Winn

  • Tim Huppler

  • Ann Huettl-Samson

  • Tony Baldwin

  • Ashley Balinski

  • Chris Grassel

  • Ben Fucik

  • Bud Peterson

  • Jack Vater

  • Pete Arntsen

  • Mike Harbridge

  • Susie Melum

  • Ben Hoffman

  • Bob Beebe

  • Lee Halvorson

  • Katelyn Hoffman

  • Eric Danielson

  • Jim Stokosa

  • Randy Sahli

  • Gerry Finch

  • Rick Giese

  • Diane Nelson

  • Brian Watters

  • Megan Gillis

  • Dan Lacy

  • Dave Garrow

  • Lyna Matesi

  • Emme Fucik

  • Theresa Balinski

  • Karen Blaha

  • Jacqueline Hoffman

  • Jeremy Samson

  • Tom Roemer

  • John Bertelson

  • Katie Hauke

  • John Hauke

  • Kevin Hoffman

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